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  • Automotive Gear Rings


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    December 12, 2012:
    When restoring that car, make sure you have the best parts for long life and fewer breakdowns.


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    When Choosing an Automotive Gear Ring, Price is Not The Best Consideration

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    Gear rings are the hidden linch pin in your power train, but once they start to fail you know that an expensive and time consuming problem is in the cards. Whether you're restoring an old Mustang, souping up a Honda, or just trying to rebuild an old car so you can drive it, the right gear ring and pinion assembly may be the difference between top speed and a pretty car in the driveway that doesn't move. If you are doing a rebuild or restoration job that isn't going to be sitting pretty in a car museum, then you want gear rings that can handle the kind of power that engines were once designed to deliver. You also want parts that aren't going to wear out, and have been carefully ground, deburred, and polished so there aren't any catches or kinks in the assembly.

    Automotive Gear RingIn recent years, many gear ring assemblies made overseas have been found to be made with substandard materials, or show poor workmanship, and many a mechanic has thrown a wrench or two in disgust. There are also counterfeit OEM components peddled by shady online dealers. Getting the best parts from a reputable seller is essential, and you need to be assured of a return policy that doesn't hit you with restocking charges should you find out that the assembly shipped is not right for you.

    Notes and Special Information

    Special note: Try to get a ring rated beyond the expected foot pounds of torque you expect. A powerful engine and challenging environments (or your foolish teenage kids) can put loads on your whole drive train that are beyond regular manufacturer specs.