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  • Gear Ring For Men


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    December 12, 2012:
    This site is celebrating 5,000 customers this year so far.


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    Men Like Rings With Gears and Cogs

    Perfect for mechanics and engineers

    One of the top gifts for the 2012 and 2013 season is a gear ring, and there are many models online to choose from. Rings with working gears, as well as specialized rings made from actual cogs in machinery, are perfect gifts for anyone in the engine repair, manufacturing, and engineering trade. Even home hobbyists are taken with rings that have moving parts, some of which have attractive gold, titanium, and platinum inlays.

    When looking for men's rings, one of the biggest considerations is getting the size right, and since men don't always go around wearing rings it is hard for that special someone in a man's life (like a wife or a girlfriend, or both if he's really lucky) to figure out his finger size. There are some ways of measuring men's finger diameters, but you will have to be sneaky when doing it, like saying you're looking for a good pair of gloves. For men, sizing women's rings is usually done by trying a current ring on each finger until you find the one that fits, and then telling the jeweler "it fits on this one" but women don't often have the ham-sized fingers that men do. When ordering any ring type, it makes sense to get one from a site that has a free exchange and return policy, so you don't end up having the best looking ring in that stays in the jewelry box.

    Notes and Special Information

    Special note: Gear rings look great, and many are functional, but be careful around hair and other things that can get caught up in the gears.