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  • Gear Ring


    Latest news:

    July 19, 2013:
    Father's Day Is Coming. All kinds of rings resembling gears and with moving gear components are hitting the marketplace. Pretty soon everyone will have one kind of gear ring or the other.


    Ring Gears:

    There are also gear rings for follow focus cameras, or for automotive applications. Car gear rings are known as ring and pinion sets, often sold under the brand name Motive Gear. They cost even more than jewelry made to look like rings in some cases, and increase horsepower and performance by removing rotating weight. Of course, if you are looking for the perfect gift for a guy who spends his spare time working with drive trains, starters, and other assorted cogs, then the gear ring is a match made in heaven, and in a perfect world you could buy both things here on this website, but not today.

    Rings with Gear Features

    Are You Looking for Automotive Gear Rings? Click Here!

    See the video

    Mechanical-type rings have been around for some time, but more recently the Kinekt Company and Etsy have been selling some very specialized versions of gear-based jewelry and assorted swag.  Kinekt's version has essentially popularized the design for these rings. This ring is different than some of the other ones in that it has moving halves and a spinning cog. It is sure to attract attention, and is a great indicator of when the owner is bored, because that person likely will take it off and start playing with it. It certainly looks as if it would also make a great conversation piece, until such time that companies in China make cheap knockoffs that sell for ultra-low prices which could threaten the price point of the current style. For example, Etsy versions are selling for upwards of $900 while the Kinekt version is running at about $165, which is actually a modest price for a ring with such interest that it could certainly become a top fad in 2013.

    Gear RingStarter Ring Gear has been known in the automotive industry since the dawn of the electric starter, before which time you started your car by means of a crank (which frequently broke arms) or by pushing the car until the engine engaged. Gear rings are also used in drive train applicaitons, differentials, and in performance car parts applicaitons where a better alloy or torque profile might be used when it comes to racing or driving up the side of a mountain somewhere. The ring and pinion gear setup in a vehicle differential allows for different spin ratios when the car goes around a corner or gets stuck in a mud puddle.

    Notes and Special Information

    Special note: We don't sell rings here, car or otherwise.

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