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  • Kinekt


    Latest news:

    May 1, 2013:
    Father's day approaches and people are buying these unique rings.



    US Patent D639,199 assigns the invenors as Glen Liberman of Short Hills, New Jersey and Ben Hooson of Brooklyn New York. It is described in brief as the "ornamental design for a gear ring."

    Men Like Rings With Gears and Cogs

    A new name in mechanical rings.

    Kinekt Gear RingUnlike other rings that are made from single gears, or have nonfunctional gear designs built into them, the Kinekt gear ring is one that is actually comprised of moving gears. The patented ring is being heavily advertised online and has already spawned some alleged knockoffs. The mechanical nature of this ring is attractive and makes for a great conversation piece. You can also tell when a guy gets bored because he starts twirling the ring around. .

    What also sets the Kinekt ring apart is its construction of Matte stainless steel and the recommendation that you order one ring size up from a traditional measurement, presumably so you can spin it around without removing it from your hand.

    Notes and Special Information

    Special note: There are a lot of different gear rings on the market today. Be sure that you are ordering the Kinekt gear ring and not one of the hundreds of other pieces that are either manufactured from reclaimed machine parts or made to look like gears, but do not in fact have any mechanical function.